History of La-La Land

I bought NWN, played it for 10 minutes in single player, decided to go online. Found "daves place" which was a seemingly vanilla version of Nordock Public (not even 170). Met some good people including coreyb, kirk blaze, frang, lavina supplemound (cant remember his login).

We played together up until I looted some dex +3 bracers at about level 8 or 9 or something. Then suddenly some DM appears, takes it from me, saying that "its too good for your level" or some shit like that. I think he assumed I twinked it. (item level restrictions was not turned on)

So ya, he pissed me off, and that very moment is when i downloaded nordock pub, loaded the bitch up, and invited all my friends from dave’s place to play at "lala land".

All I wanted at the time was a place to explore nordock without shitty dm’s in the way, lol. I named it "La La Land" because thats what it was for me…. "off in lalaland" – ever heard the phrase? Like when yer daydreaming, not paying attention to the world around you… yer "off in lalaland" lol

But it wasn’t long before I had to dig into building… nordock was a mess. The more I got into building, the more I was a DM instead of a fellow player. There was one guy who really wanted to run the place with me, frang, but for whatever reasons, I didn’t take on any help. Frang got mad and started his own server, hehehe.

And lala just kept growing, quite unexpectedly. Was supposed to just be a temporary server to get my kicks in for awhile. Thus, the server it was hosted on was very slow. Lala had outgrown it and we really needed a new server. At the time, I was paying the hosting bill. But when lala players cried out for a new server, I told them all they would have to pay for it. We got a new server, i still paid for most of it most of the time. But then we outgrew that one, and needed an even BIGGER server. So I talked to players again…

They all swore they’d pay for it, so I got the new server. Time went by, i warned people over and over about the hosting bill situation… never heeded. This went on for about 4 months before the host shut us down. They would not give me access to the data (servervault) till I paid the 4 month overdue hosting bill (about $400+ fees I owed them). There was a huge heated debate on the issue, and I was NOT happy with any of the players.

I figured it would be best that I just pay the debt myself, and let the players suffer thru "the great player wipe" as a lesson to them for not contibuting when they should’ve. Sure, when they found this out, loads of ppl came forward wanting to throw all kinds of money at me – but that only pissed me off more. Where were these fukers when lala needed to pay its monthly bill? Oh NOW you wanna contribute???!?!? GRRRR, ya, i was agitated. *giggle*

So *I PAID* the bill, some people sent in money, but i let that money sit for the future server. Inferis was actually right smack in the middle of all this, and after I got the new server (i think at a new host) setup, inferis decided to pay the entire hosting bill. I didn’t include his subscription in the monthly goal because I figured its best not to give people a false idea that its all covered, as I knew a player could drop out at any moment.

So for about 4-6 months, inferis paid the bill, while a few other players contributed… allowing a small nestegg to build up in lala’s budget. Inferis disappeared suddenly and so did his contribution (not to mention his wifey who was supposed to mail me SOU which another player bought for me, mailed to his wife, so that she could use her hookups to get it mailed to me lol). Anyhow, all that disappeared, then we were in hosting bill trouble again. We had a few months backrent built up, and we ran off that steam for awhile, but i kept warning people.

Somehow, contributions picked up enough and we squeezed by… and still squeeze by… although right now I believe we have one of the highest subscription rates we ever had. Dammit, someday soon i’ll update the contribution page. I know we’re not quite at our goal in subscriptions, but i think we’re the closest we ever been.

Lims was a player for i dunno how long, but somehow gained my trust via what means I dont even remember. When I had to fire the entire staff of QMs due to their nonstop internal fighting and bickering (one QM banning another and shit like that – yuck! – revenant was the only qm outside of all such events – thus why he’s still around), I made lims a qm and as she further gained my trust time after time, lims was made DM and my right hand. The first REAL DM lala ever had.

The QMs I got rid of, it seems, were already months into building their own nordock – and quite secretly. QM Soul I thought I could trust 100%, his word was given straight up as a man. I talked to him often about his personal life… i thought it was all good. But while he was telling me he was away from lala for awhile to build his arena server, what he actually meant is he was away to build his own nordock server. So when he was fired, he and the other QMs opened up RECON. Which I believe was based off lalaland module, as he had full access to it.

After he launched recon, we ended up in a heated debate where I was accusing him of lying and cheating me, despite his honest ‘word’. He flipped out near the end of the convo, screamed obsceneties, then posted lala module to the nwvault.ign.com – despite his solemn vow. Luckily I know one of the guys that run that place, so he removed my module from the site.

Somewhere around the same time QM Black was fired due to getting piss drunk, logging in as qm, and blasting the server with vulgar shouts. Apparently black and I never saw eye to eye,a nd he felt he had a right to my module. He got banned, then started up his own server, which was EXACTLY my lala module at the time. He had made this solemn vow to not break trust no matter what happened between us as well. Everyone who I give access to my module makes that promise. But what can i do, he stole it anyway.

So I did all I can do. I outdated his version. I went to work on the module and advanced it lightyears beyond what Soul or Black had. *giggle*

So with Lims and Revenant as my only remaining staff, lala begin to rebuild trust in new people aspiring to be QMs. The staff grew into what we have today. With exception to QM Greenbottles exploits, the staff is the best lala has ever had. hehehe, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement – as there definitely is! *grin* The current staff get along, so I dont have to hear petty squabbles from staff AND players. What a relief.

And that about brings us up current. With a ton of details left out of course… kinda hard to sum up 4 years of this dramatic server, lol.