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The Blacksun Clan is a mercenary company of free, wild men and women who believe in a chaotic lifestyle. Strong and honorable, yet cold and proffessional, you can trust the soldiers clad in black and gold with any task. Moderators: Questmaster Drake, Matt 56


The Order of The Shield are a unique lawful group. They make their own laws, in likeness of good, but their definition of evil are those who break the Great Laws they enforce. To them, evil are the lawless and they will stop at no end to bring peace to the lands through enforcement of their Great Laws. Moderators: Questmaster Drake, Questmaster Magog, Daryus, isus01 58


This is the guild comprised of merchants, retailers, crafters and ofcourse bodyguards. Their primary purpose is to set the standards for fair trade in the economy at any given time. Moderators: Questmaster Drake, Carok Vespuchian 218


Magi of any type – from artists (Bards) to necromancers (Pale Masters) – are invited to delve into our wealth of knowledge, created for those who seek a higher understanding of The Weave. All may join, although only those who show themselves to be trustworthy and wise will be given the more obscure and powerful lore. The Circle of The Weave has three standards, developed from three formal Councils and many days of thought. They are: – Help and Assist others, for we may obtain powerful friends and allies through this, both directly and indirectly. – Balance and lessen the burden upon The Weave, for many casual adventurers do not realize they call fourth evil which must be slain. – Maintain and distribute knowledge, for much must be restricted from the Weave-abuser’s mind, yet much may also be given in trust and friendship. Moderators: Questmaster Drake, sciethen 56


The Order of the Beard consists of dwarves only who banded together in the land of Nordock! Their halls are their home away from home! Even though, or maybe just because, the Order of the Beard is consisting of dwarves in human lands they uphold traditional dwarven values very strict. Its members are supposed to be the epitomes of dwarven culture. They live by their own rules and do what they see fit to! They don’t act after some god’s wish, but after their own, this might be good and it might be evil! “Work hard, revere your ancestors, mistrust the elf, hate the drow and you can do no wrong.” Members of The Beard oppose all Drow and despise them and their nature, and if the Drow cross the Beard they will be in for a heavy beating! The Beard does however interact with other races such as Humans and Elves, but this does not mean they like them! “If I am a great man, it is merely because I stand at the shoulders of giants.” Moderator: Questmaster Drake 11


The guild’s philosophy is that Evil has been let to far into the lands, Helm is also known as He of the Unsleeping Eyes, the Watcher, the Vigilant, the Vigilant One, the Great Guard and the God of Guardians. Followers of Helm live by strict military traditions. Taking oaths of allegiance to the Order, these oaths are refined with each passing rank, as are their responsibilities. Followers of Helm serve as guardians and protecters when in party, and teachers and priests when in peace time. They will always be found on the front line of battle. They will be first to defend, and last to withdraw. Moderators: Questmaster Drake, pherenika 92


Dominion is comprised of individuals who believe that the darkness and the gods of darkness should prevail over the land of Nordock. “It is THEIR Dominion.” Moderators: Questmaster Drake, misterfrieze80, Dungeonmaster Sarig, brahm, Questmaster Revenant 9


Fairly young family in the Underdark. Ruthless and cold they are working their way up the chain. Their Matron mother knows that power is everything and she strives for it and lusts after it absolutely. She will not tolerate weakness nor will she tolerate Drow who party with those races from above and call it “using them to get stronger”. Moderators: Questmaster Drake, Anos The mighty dwarf 12


The Hammer of Laduguer is a Duergar guild formed to bring honor to their dark God and be his voice and face in the land of Nordock. The Hammer of Laduguer does what is needed to protect the Duergar people and defend the honor of Laduguer, the Deity they worship. Moderators: Questmaster Drake, Lavian, Jennifer Dalton 13


The Coalition is a guild for those that don’t quite fit into the other organized groups of Nordock. The purpose is to provide comradery and friendship for these people. Led by the venerable Duke of Umbrage they look to make friends and help those that need it. Hoping to fill a void of a more common folks organization The Coalition has risen to help you and others *cough* solve “problems”. Moderators: Questmaster Drake, Gorlack, Questmaster Azazel 17
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